How to apply for NBI Clearance Online

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for an NBI clearance online.  This guide will show us how to apply for an NBI Clearance whether if its for new application or to renew an old NBI clearance.

Step 1. Open a browser (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and go to:


Step 2. Register for an account. (Make sure not to lose your email and password for you will need this to renew your clearance in the future).


Step 3. Accept terms of service and click on “AGREE”.


Step 4. Click on “Sign up” to save your credentials.


Step 5. Sign in to your account.


Step 6. Accurately fill-up the form completely and click “Save Information”.


Step 7. Double check your information and click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE”.


Step 8. Confirm the ID you will present when claiming your clearance then click “I Agree”.


Step 9. Take not of this reminder then close it.


Step 10, Select the appropriate option to complete the process.


Step 10a. Choose the NBI Branch in your area.


Step 10b. Select the purpose for applying a clearance. An amount will automatically display below.


Step 10c. Select your payment option.


Step 10d. Appoint a schedule to pickup your clearance.Screenshot_19

Step 11. Copy your reference number and pay the amount with the option you selected on step 10c.  The status will show PAID after the payment is made.


Step 12. Click on details and Print out Application.


Step 13. Show application form to the NBI branch on the scheduled date.

Note: You will still need to have your picture taken and give your fingerprints to complete the clearance process. And if you get a HIT you can choose to have it delivered door-to-door(Only in Metro Manila).


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